Contestants:  Card numbers must be given and anyone else’s card number you are entering.  CASH only at all first approved TCRA rodeos.  Some producers may accept checks but please know their check policy before you try and give a check at one of their rodeos.  Remember you must have purchased a current TCRA card three (3) days prior to the first performance or slack for your money to count at that rodeo.  You can purchase a card at the rodeo but your money will not start accumulating till the next weekend. Membership cards are $125.00. Cards can be purchase with a credit card.  After June 15th cards will increase $25.00.


Membership List:  Contestants, the rodeo secretary will have a current membership list at each rodeo.  If your name is not on the list and you have a current card, please give her your card number; otherwise a permit fee will be charged.


TURNOUTS: Notify the TCRA office, Central entry office, or rodeo secretary to avoid a turnout fine.



DRAW OUTS:  Notify the TCRA office at (806) 878-2782 or the Central Entry Office at (806) 273-2727..   Stated in rulebook on page 21, Draw outs: must be done within 24 hours after the books close for the rodeo; otherwise a turnout will occur.


Slack:   Definition of rodeo slack is to many contestants in a performance. If the performances do not fill, then it will be the committee/ stock contractor option to have or not to have slack.  If you plan on entering the slack, it will open 2 hours after the books open at all rodeos this summer.  When slack follows the performance, contestants entered in slack will be randomly drawn from to fill positions in the performance; and it will be the contestant's responsibility to check whether performance or slack.


Number of Contestants during performance: The committee/ stock contractor designate the number of contestants during a performance and numbers will vary depending on committee / stock contractor choice. (Usual Range: 8 - 12)


Fine List:  The fine list is available at the TCRA office or on the website,   If you are currently on the fine list, to be able to ENTER a TCRA rodeo in 2014 your fine must be paid before books open.


Rodeo Listings:  Please watch the Internet as the rodeo listings can change daily.  As soon as the TCRA office is notified or receives changes, the changes will be updated on the Internet. 


 Entry Phone number:  The entry number 806.273-2727 is used at all first approved TCRA rodeos; unless other arrangements have been made.  Please watch listings.  There are three lines in the entry office which roll over if the main number is busy.  If a busy signal occurs, all three lines are in use. 


Sponsorships:  Sponsor packets can be obtain through the TCRA office or ask your Director.  If you know a business that would like to be a sponsor, please have them contact the office or your event Director.   


Judges: Prior to judging an approved TCRA rodeo, you must have a Current 2014. Judging a TCRA rodeo without a current card will result in a fine both for the judge and stock contractor. Contact Randy Mitchell to get approved.